€ 170
€ 170

Lamb Cruiser

€ 170

Meet Lamb Cruiser -Lambö, your dream companion for conquering Norwegian Fjords.

Built on a VW T5 4×4 with high roof and automatic gearbox, it offers freedom of movement and camping in remote places. With a 2.0 diesel engine, 180 hp and efficient fuel consumption, its perfect for long drives.

Enjoy unfolded 130cm wide bed in very dark environment ensured by fast adjusting window covers. Be independent with the water sink system, 2 stoves, fridge with freezer, two mobile table tops and plenty, i mean PLENTY spaces for your supplies and items. Built-in Webasto system together with cozy bedding and a blanket will soothe you in the most capricious weather, and air conditioning when the sun burns hard.

Lamb Cruiser is equipped with multiple electricity sources via USB, 12V and classic wall socket powered by solar panels, current converter and campsite electricity input making it a paradise solution for digital nomads.

This premium segment is dedicated for 2 up to 4 travellers. We offer a child seat too. Offer provides a 2sec tent with big air mattress and sleeping bags for those who won’t fit inside for the night.
Equipped with everything You need while camping, from a coffee maker, through pans to headlight and small shovel

Pickup Date & Time
Dropoff Date & Time
We charge a one-time refundable deposit of 1000 for each van booking.
  • Air conditioner
  • Bedsheets and pillows
  • Bluetooth audio system
  • Clean & dirty water tank
  • Foldable double bed
  • Fridge
  • Heating
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Kitchen: 2 stove, sink
  • Lights inside & outside
  • Solar panel+battery

Price Table

Miesiąc Cena
Styczeń 170€
Luty 170€
Marzec 170€
Kwiecień 170€
Maj 170€
Czerwiec 250€
Lipiec 250€
Sierpień 250€
Wrzesień 250€
Październik 170€
Listopad 170€
Grudzień 170€



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